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Do you have the courage to put on a "tattoo" coat?

<p>Ed Hardy often use embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a feeling of decadence while the Mi Lai, combined from the great masters have fed Eagle Tattoo, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, and naked women and other tattoo designs, <a href="http://www.uniquecool.uk.com">ed hardy</a> making a series of The trend of fashion. Had invited the King of Pop Michael • Jackson worked with the design; the brand is more subject to everyone's attention. <br>
Ed Hardy often use embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a feeling of decadence while the Mi Lai, combined from the great masters have fed Eagle Tattoo, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, and naked women, etc. tattoo designs, making a series of fashion trends. Had invited the King of Pop Michael • Jackson worked with the design; the brand is more subject to everyone's attention. <br>
Today, posters, web series brings <a href="http://www.uniquecool.uk.com">ed hardy</a> compiled on some of the new summer single product, to the faithful to see whether they have the courage to put on a &quot;tattoo&quot; while it? <br>
Source from:</p>
<a href="http://www.uniquecool.uk.com/news/Do-you-have-the-courage-to-put-on-a-tattoo-coat">http://www.uniquecool.uk.com/news/Do-you-have-the-courage-to-put-on-a-tattoo-coat</a>

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Tiffany Majestic Necklace

To show tiffany jewelry as a top brand in the outstanding tradition and authority of the diamond design, the new 2010-2011 Blue Book luxury jewelry line will be in October 2010 sparkling debut in China. This series of craft designed to reproduce natural wonders, is the art treasures jewelry industry. Them from the prestigious Tiffany Blue Box in the gorgeous appearance, so the whole world with admiration. Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany on to produced the world's most beautiful diamonds known. These unique beautiful diamonds in the color, clarity and cut to the highest standards of workmanship are embedded in the base distribution of Ambilight refined, modern interpretation of luxury. For heritage of these tiffany necklaces has always pursued a tradition of excellence. Platinum hand-inlaid round and pear-shaped diamond cutting around a 30.31 kt, clarity for the IF (internal no impurity) level diamond pendant. Necklace and female curves perfectly fit the elegant neck, a star-studded, highlight luxury temperament.
Source from: http://www.silverings.uk.com/news/Tiffany-Majestic-Necklace

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Nike running shoes Tips

B: SKATEBOARD acronym, the words mean slide, and one representative of the shoes are DUNK SB.
FA: Foot Action Special Color Edition
AP: Asian shoe plate, specially customized for the Asian style
LE: mean LIMITED EDITION (limited edition)
ND: New Design on behalf of the original design elements used in the new shoes (that spend more than the new material, such as patent leather, mesh, anti-skin .... TB: Team Bulk, first and foremost is that with the team for the team to dress the color. also on behalf of members of Science Activities
NU: the first is the Jordan Brand shoes in the complex when engraved with the original air Jordan shoes designed for the original inspiration from the new shoes, running shoes nike shoes smudge
On behalf of such shoes
RETRO: The engraved pattern to Air Jordan shoes, mainly engraved.
FL: Footlocker Special Color Edition
FNL: Finish Line Special Color Edition
B: Back additional paragraph, do not prepare for making out is equal to the original color, but later released NIKE running shoes, they will in the title, coupled with the "B".
Retro: The engraved pattern to Air Jordan shoes, mainly engraved.
Sample: Sample Shoes - refers to a section Initiative's shoes, created for the resolution project, reference, only about consumption of up to 40 pairs. Is created for the resolution plan reference shoes, the same size for men nine yards, 7 yards female models, only in-house use, a maximum of consumption of 40 pairs, so in a sense is the limit and large local are handmade, nike shoes in color and some models will not be listed, or \ \ \ "wrong version \ \ \", but into the market so they have a very high value! Furthermore Sample also on behalf of consumption of shoes specifically for the players, top players will have a prominent representative of this symbol.
SC Sports Classic: Classic event shoes, mean that some of the shoes had been re-launched the new title of general circulation.
Prototype: test version of shoes (also assembled into shoes): means less consumption of a small, typical only for the individual person or organization was wearing the shoes, not open for public sales
Picture sample: sample shoes for photography, so the quality is poor, cannot wear like cargo.
TB Team Basketball: player version, that is, nike shoes design team or the shoes or the color of the shoes. SC: Sports Classic acronym, meaning shoes classic activities that some once-off big in the market situation of the classic shoe is re-collection of players from the new title of general circulation category
DS: Dead stock new goods: to refer to wearing the shoes had not been before, the angle of the auction is even more often do not wear lace. NDS: Nearly Dead stock: nearly new goods - that the shoes do not go out to have been wearing sports alone in wearing only a pair of shoes ever.

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LV scenery during a trip to see Art

Louis vuitton brand's success story exists in the brand's ability to convince them when the public message of the spirit of the brand also Cheng Li, therefore, easily you can make a ticket into a crazy chase in person. Of course, there were a group of anti-brand, not to buy brand-name high on the idea, and even advocated "fine-free design." Prestigious louis vuitton helplessness may be too popular, and destined to lose their uniqueness in people's eyes, but high-quality materials and craftsmanship is the so-called "design products" may not be able to achieve, so can sit tight in the boutique industry leader over 154 years alone on this point no one can compare.
Life is like a journey, especially when used to describe the wave of tourism is more appropriate. The late nineteenth century, Paris Saint-Germain railway line in 1837 officially declared an end carriage, a year later, a steamship across the Atlantic in Europe arrived in New York, maritime navigation century, cars will debut soon. The soul of Mr. Louis Vuitton, 14-year-old came to Paris to become an apprentice craftsmen, and later became the employer of the Chief Assistant, intelligent Louis realized that the luggage was indispensable to each traveler, he design a range of exquisite leather luggage and travel, lucky triple world was the wife of Napoleon who was then summoned to the French emperor Houwujieni the palace for her to pack, since by royal appointment, other customers have emerged , louis vuitton handbags has since become a favorite celebrities.
Louis vuitton leather can be firmly installed in one of the reasons the king of it in the face of ever-changing in the world can always make the appropriate changes that began to decline in the fashion industry, LV began to design wardrobe-style suitcase.
As technology advances, Louis vuitton has developed a new production philosophy in the most minor details of the craftsmen to play skill and creative spirit, but more tedious and general is done by the machine do it. 1997, New York designer Marc Jacobs as artistic director, opened up the Louis Vuitton's new vision. He stressed that a brand name designed to be closely related with daily life, to design the performance of the times. Monogram started with the artists to start a dialogue, not only for louis vuitton handbags bring a prime situation, but also led to a new Louis vuitton artistic journey.

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Ed Hardy hoping to find more partners

Ed Hardy, this brand was because of Carina Lau, Hangzhou familiar. Carina Lau Chao brand Ed Hardy obtained U.S. general agent in China right after the first store opened in Shanghai. In May, her second store also opened a Hangzhou Tower. Recently, by the CCPIT and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Hangzhou, jointly established the "Sino-US business cooperation projects of Hangzhou office butt," came the new information, this is Carina Lau phase of the clothing brand will soon come to Hangzhou, to find clothing generation of derivative products factory and regional sales agents. According to related statistics, Ed Hardy by French designer Christian Audigier and the United States Godfather Don ed hardy Tattoo Art was founded in 2004, during the Christian Audigier has established many international fashion brands as chief designer of many of them there have been Chinese consumers are familiar with Lee, Levi's, Diesel and other brands. ED HARDY clothing often use some embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a compelling sense of bright, combined from the great masters have fed Eagle, Tiger and other designs, to produce a range of clothes. Another carp, a dragon and the tiger totem, the tiger and squirrel dogs is a relatively new style of cartoon creation. Therefore, once launched, the brand that is loved by the public, Totem tattoo embroidered hat baseball network is a collection of value became best sellers. Today, Ed Hardy Shanghai to Hangzhou as the following after entering the Chinese market as the second strategic locations. Of course, Ed Hardy success not only because it has a top fashion elements of clothing, but also because a number of printed images of fashion derivatives. Therefore, ed hardy clothing ready to find a local company in Hangzhou, the production of printed designs and trademarks of their cups, tissue boxes, cutlery, dinner plates and other products as its main line of products (primarily clothing and perfume) derivatives and supplements hope that future cooperation will help the OEM manufacturers to develop these derivatives market in China.
Source from: http://www.uniquecool.uk.com/news/Ed-Hardy-hoping-to-find-more-partners

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